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    HouseMaster One by Rob Lee

    HouseMaster One by Rob LeeHouseMaster One by Rob Lee

    Sounds : Ambient House and Techno presets for Thorn

    Hard Rock EZX

    Hard Rock EZXHard Rock EZX

    Sounds : Want Bob Rock’s drum mix on your next song? Here you go!



    Virtual Instruments : A Powerful Supersaw And FM Synth



    Sounds : Ethereal Voices bespoke Ableton Live Instrument Racks

    Paths Bundle

    Paths BundlePaths Bundle

    Sounds : Paths Bundle includes both the Paths and Paths 2 sound libraries

    AVA Mastering EQ

    AVA Mastering EQAVA Mastering EQ

    Plug-ins : Control Your Final Mix Balance

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