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    About Dealers

      As all of you know, tradional dealers don't sell software if it is industry's best sellers like Protools or Reason. They usually simply wait for customers to buy them! Moreover, most resellers hardly do any promotion and have never used Software products in a realistic situation... That's why small developers products are rarely distributed in the traditional music market.

    What Makes us Different?

      What makes us so different from traditional dealers is that we are always listening to the needs of people who use and buy audio software. That is why we are limiting our business to software only. We want to devote all of our efforts to supporting a real community of passionate users. We believe this is the best way to create enthusiastic business for Audio Software products.

      DontCrack has been created with the intention of helping developers concentrate on what they do best, developing great applications! The first step was to build an elegant and most secure store where users could find, download and buy any of their software in a dedicated and professional environment.

    Software Distribution

      DontCrack now has a new audio software distribution service called "Plugivery" (Plug-in Delivery). Software and plug-ins sold at Plugivery are made available to dealers world-wide through an innovative distribution service that helps dealers sell more software in their store.

      Audio Software DistributionPlugivery Audio Software Distribution

    The Dontcrack Store!

      DontCrac[k] is the first online store exclusively dedicated to audio software. Here is what we offer:
    • Centralization : Customers can find and buy the hottest Mac and PC audio software from a single site.
    • Friendly Interface : Our partners' products are always presented in a clean and elegant interface.
    • Demo Downloads : Visitors will always find the latest versions of our partners' software.
    • Instant Delivery : Products are always delivered in realtime.
    • Web Delivery : We only distribute downloads, serial numbers, registration information... No boxes!
    • Security : Customers information and transactions are highly secured by an 128-bit SSL encryped connection.
    • Customer Registrations : All required registration information is sent to the involved manufacturer in realtime.
    • Sales Reports : Our partners are instantly informed when we sell any of their products.
    • Currencies and Taxes : Prices are shown in US dollars or euros. We deal and manage worldwide taxes.
    • Sales Service : We sale our partners' products thru our own secured payment service.
    • Privacy : We don't collect credit card numbers. This data exchange is processed by our business bank.

    Additional Services

      In order to actively support audio developers, we currently offer:
    • Marketing Services : We strongly promote our partners' products by advertising on targeted medias.
    • News Announcements : We publish your latest news in a centralized place that is relayed by an RSS feed.
    • Web Hosting : We provide full featured web and forums hosting.
    • Product Support : We host official or unofficial manufacturer forums.

    Learn More?

      If you have not been contacted by us yet and wish to have your products distributed by, just click on the following link.

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