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    TSE AUDIO were founded by John Adrian Johansen (aka ONQEL) which is the main developer to date. The main goal of TSE AUDIO is to provide the music community with high quality software where digital simulations of analog gear is the main interest.


    Freeware by TSE Audio

      TSE 808TSE 808  Plug-ins & effects - Guitar Overdrive Simulation  windows
      TSE B.O.DTSE B.O.D  Plug-ins & effects - Bass guitar overdrive  macwindows
      TSE R47TSE R47  Plug-ins & effects - Guitar pedal  macwindows
      TSE X30TSE X30  Plug-ins & effects - Guitar Amp Simulation  windows
      TSE X50TSE X50  Plug-ins & effects - Guitar amp  macwindows

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