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    Ohm Force Downloads

    Ohm Force is a privately owned company based in Paris, France. Since 2000, they have constructed a solid audio plug-in portfolio, comprising delay, filters, frequency shifter, phaser, distortions and synthesizers. During these years they have managed to establish a rock solid reputation as a maker of creative tools, earning some of the most important music production magazines' awards for each release


    Freeware by Ohm Force

      CohmpostCohmpost  Plug-ins & effects - special FX  macwindows
      FrohmageFrohmage  Plug-ins & effects - resonant low-pass filter  macwindows
      Ohm StudioOhm Studio  Sequencers - Online digital audio workstation  macwindows
      Symptohm Melohman PESymptohm Melohman PE  Virtual Instruments - substrative synthesizer  macwindows

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