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    Editor of Mastering Tools a Mac app built with REALbasic, needs MacOS 8 to run, reads uncompressed AIFF files (mono, stereo, 16, 24 or 32 bit) and produces 16 bit stereo AIFF files ready for CD.


    Freeware by Airwindows

      AcousticBassAcousticBass  Virtual Instruments - virtual acoustic bass  mac
      AmpsAmps  Plug-ins & effects - virtual amps  mac
      ChannelEQChannelEQ  Plug-ins & effects - EQ  mac
      ChorusChorus  Plug-ins & effects - Chorus  mac
      DensityDensity  Plug-ins & effects - overdrive  mac
      DoublerDoubler  Plug-ins & effects - Doubler  mac
      DriveDrive  Plug-ins & effects - overdrive  mac
      Dual Mono VerbsDual Mono Verbs  Plug-ins & effects - Dual Mono Reverbs  mac
      FlangerFlanger  Plug-ins & effects - Flanger  mac
      FreeverbCJFreeverbCJ  Plug-ins & effects - Reverb  mac
      GateGate  Plug-ins & effects - Gate  mac
      Mastering ToolsMastering Tools  Audio Editors & Recorder - Mastering software  mac
      NikolaNikola  Virtual Instruments - virtual Tesla Coil  mac
      RMSBuddyCJRMSBuddyCJ  Plug-ins & effects - graphical RMS readout  mac
      SampleDelaySampleDelay  Plug-ins & effects - sample delay  mac
      SilhouetteSilhouette  Plug-ins & effects - repace a track with noise  mac
      Stereo ChorusStereo Chorus  Plug-ins & effects - stereo chorus  mac
      VibratoVibrato  Plug-ins & effects - vibrato  mac
      WahWah  Plug-ins & effects - wah pedal  mac

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