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    visual MIDI controler

    Ixi Software Aurora

    Aurora is a MIDI controller you can use to send MIDI meassages to any external device or other application.
    Select the MIDI out device from the device menu on the top right corner.
    By clicking on the space you will trigger different lights that would start to send continuously the note related to their position in the Y axis.
    The life of the light and its volumen curve depends on how long you hod the mouse down.
    The longer the mouse is down the longer the light will live and its volume curve will be softer.


      Windows XP Aurora 0.1  Freeware    App Download Aurora 0.1 Download   
      Mac OS X Aurora 0.1  Freeware    App Download Aurora 0.1 Download    (1.8Mo)
      Mac OS 9 Aurora 0.1b  Freeware    App Download Aurora 0.1b Download    (100 Ko)

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    Ixi SoftwareIxi Software
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