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    wave shaper

    Audiofield Wavebreaker

    WaveBreaker implements a waveshaping algorithm based on Chebyshev polynomials (other types of waveshaping might be added later on).

    The Wavebreaker is a wave shaper and outputs a weighted sum of the ten first Chebyshev polynomials, evaluated in the point represented by the input sample. Each vertical slider controls a weight.

    Basically, it works like this: If you feed a sinusoid (a sine- or cosine-wave) into the Wavebreaker and drag the first slider marked w1 (for weight one) all the way up to the value 1.0, you will simply get the same sinusoid out of it (useful if you want to keep some of the original waveform in the ouput signal). If you drag the second slider (w2) all the way up and make sure all the other sliders are dragged all the way down to 0.0, you get a sinusoid with a frequency of twice the input frequency. In the same way the slider w3 triples the frequency of the input, and so on. With the sliders in a non zero position you get a weighted sum of the frequencies represented by those sliders, where the weights represent the relative amplitude of each frequency.


      Mac OS X Wavebreaker 2.0a1  Freeware    AU Download Wavebreaker 2.0a1 Download   
      Mac OS X Wavebreaker 1.0  Freeware    AU Download Wavebreaker 1.0 Download    (464 Ko)

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