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    realtime interactive programming environment

    Bonneville CPS

    CPS is a realtime interactive programming environment for audio, MIDI and other media & I/O. Patches are build by placing objects and making wires between them. Areas of interest are sound design, algorithmic composition, DSP, electronic/computer music and education. CPS can be used in any realtime situation where sound plays a role.

    Build-in objects allow you low-level access to audio MIDI and other I/O, and any processing in between. Objects include audio and MIDI (hardware&file) I/O, fourier analyse, filters, noise generators, envelopes, delays, lfo's, effects, and much more objects like tables which you can fill with 'generators' (a feature which derives directly from Csound), several network options, joystick, serialport, video processing units (through Quicktime) for layered playback of video & images, VST hosting of VST plugins/instruments, MP3 decoding, and all MPEG-4 Structured Audio opcodes (which are on their turn based on Csound). The best of as well graphic and text editing comes together inside CPS. There is a list of all objects in the manual.

    CPS is not only a realtime toolkit; it is also a friendly graphical user environment. CPS has a subpatch architecture (of unlimited depth), with which you can put parts of you patch within one object. Furthermore, objects in CPS have a dynamic number of in- and outputs at runtime. Of course, it has full Undo/Redo, all objects have tooltips (including subpatches) and online help, working with subpatches does not slow down your patch, etc.


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