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    programmable effects processor

    Jesusonic Jesusonic

    Jesusonic is a fully programmable effects processor for guitar, bass, vocal and general use.

    Using the Jesusonic, you can combine any number of effects in whatever order you choose. Effects can interact with eachother (for example, a volume detection effect can trigger a tremolo effect), or with the user (you can assign triggers to effects like loop samplers, for example). A wide assortment of built-in effects are included and available on our site.

    Once you have a group of effects set up how you desire, you can save that group to a "preset", which can be recalled instantly at any time. Presets can store as much state as you like, so if you record a loop of a riff you like, you can save it and every time you load that preset it will play.

    When you feel like you have exhausted combining the many included effects, and want to come up with something completely ridiculously new and never-done-before, you can make use of your keyboard, and write new effects (or take an existing effect and customize it). Using the integrated code editor, you can actually write simple code that will be compiled into fast machine code on the fly, letting you quickly try out effect ideas and push the realm of possiblity even farther. You can do all of this--without having to stop for any reason. While you edit the code, the effects still run. When you want to try your code out, hit one key and within a small fraction of a second you are hearing results.


      Windows XP Jesusonic 0.992  Freeware    App, DX Download Jesusonic 0.992 Download    (1.8Mo)
      Mac OS X Jesusonic 0.991  Freeware    App Download Jesusonic 0.991 Download    (1.8Mo)
      Mac OS X Jesusonic 0.99  Freeware    App Download Jesusonic 0.99 Download    (1.8Mo)

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