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    Seeq one

    sequenced synth

    Odo Synths Seeq one

    5 sequencers:
    - 1 sequencer is for "Notes and Octaves" but can also be used for filter, Pulse Width, resonance or Phase modulation.
    - 2 sequencers are used as envelope decays mainly for cutoff and oscillator pitch but also for pulse width and phasemod or resonance.
    - 1 "normal" sequencer (no decay fx) can also be used for the same destinations.
    - Gate sequencer with mix option.
    - 3 oscillators (sine/saw/ramp/pulse/triangle) - octave/note and fine tune for all of them.
    - 5 filters - low/hi/band/4pole/8pole - and a filter envelope with Attack, Decay, Sustain and Level.
    - An extra oscillator for FM/PM/PW.
    - 2 LFOs.
    - 2 decay FX.
    - Left and right delay.
    - Glide.
    - Soft distortion.
    - 64 presets.


      Windows XP Seeq one 2.0  Freeware    VST Download Seeq one 2.0 Download   

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