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    Energize II

    5-band broadcast processor

    Christofer Bustad Energize II

    A 5-band broadcast processor intended for internet and low power FM broadcasting. First in the signal chain, the audio is amplified or attenuated to the right level by what they call the AGC. After that, if chosen in, the audio is fed through a steep 15 kHz low pass filter. Then the audio is split up into 5 frequency bands and stereo widening is done on the bands if chosen in A 5 band compressor then does dynamic compression on all bands and after that all bands are limited by different kinds of limiters suitable for each frequency range. Finally each band is fed into a mixer to form two channel stereo again. This audio is then pre-emphasized if chosen in Before the audio leaves Energize II, it is fed through a wide band look-ahead limiter.


      Windows XP Energize II 1.4  Freeware    VST Download Energize II 1.4 Download    (260 Ko)

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    Christofer BustadChristofer Bustad
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