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Multi-Synthesis RTAS Sound Factory for Pro Tools Systems

Avid Xpand

Xpand! is a free RTAS® sound factory workstation synthesis/sample-playback and effects plug-in that provides fast, efficient ways to access and manipulate thousands of high-quality sounds directly from within Pro Tools.

Xpand! offers virtual analog, FM, and wavetable synthesis; sample playback; virtual tonewheels; and effects. Start with any of the more than 1,000 factory patches and then fine-tune the four component sound parts to craft anything from pristine-sounding acoustic instruments to complex synthesized soundscapes or loop-driven techno tracks. Built for songwriters, film composers, DJs, electronic musicians, music producers, and sound designers, Xpand! is a sonic powerhouse that will become an indispensable component of any Pro Tools® environment.


• Comprehensive sound factory for all musical styles and applications
• More than 1,000 factory patches and 500 combinable part presets
• Four layer-able parts for millions of combinations
• Multi-synthesis engine
• 64-note polyphony
• Quick and easy sound tweaking
• Two built-in effect sections and four arpeggiators/phrase generators
• Highly efficient on system resources
• RTAS format


    Mac Universal Binary Xpand 1.0.3  Freeware    RTAS Download Xpand 1.0.3 Download   
    Mac Universal Binary Xpand  Freeware    RTAS Download Xpand Download   
    Windows XP Xpand 1.0.1  Freeware    RTAS Download Xpand 1.0.1 Download   
    Mac OS X Xpand 1.0.1  Freeware    RTAS Download Xpand 1.0.1 Download   
    Mac OS X Xpand 1.0  Freeware    RTAS Download Xpand 1.0 Download   

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