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    VST host

    Tobybear MiniHost

    MiniHost is a powerful and full-fledged ASIO host that loads a VST
    plugin (instrument or effect) and processes it in realtime.

    It offers many features that other hosts don't have, for example:

    - arpeggiator, step-sequencer, CC gater, chordmaker included
    - send MIDI data to VST plugins from external MIDI inputs, a resizable virtual MIDI keyboard, the computer keyboard or MIDI files
    - process live ASIO audio input or a WAV file
    - record audio output to WAV (16 and 32 bit)
    - browse through the presets
    - powerful preset manager included, allows easy organisation of all presets
    - preset randomizer with script support and mutate option
    - drag n' drop support
    - support for VST MIDI plugins that generate MIDI data
    - much much more ...


      Windows XP MiniHost 1.64  Freeware    App Download MiniHost 1.64 Download   

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