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    AnalogX Scratch

    scratch effect

    AnalogX AnalogX Scratch

    Why should DJ's have all the fun scratching records? It just isn't fair, and when people across the globe are being ridiculed and laughed at by their peers just because they don't have some 1200's and a bunch of records; then it's time for the ULTIMATE equalizer -> AnalogX Scratch!
    If you can move the mouse, then you can scratch like the best DJ's in the world! Really! Ok, not really, you still need to practice a whole bunch, but at least you don't need to buy any LP's or turntables! No records getting scratched, no needles needing to be replaced, or belts breaking (assuming you're not on a 1200) at the most inopportune times! With AnalogX Scratch, you can load up two wave files (one to help you keep rhythm, the other to actually scratch), and start scratching away...
    Best of all, when you've come up with something you really like, you can output it to a 16bit, 44.1k WAV file! This is GREAT for creating custom scratches for songs, whether you transfer it over to your Emax or load it up in Acid! And just so you aren't starting from scratch (no pun intended), two WAV files are included in the install so you can get a feel for what it's all about!


      Windows XP AnalogX Scratch 1.06  Freeware    App Download AnalogX Scratch 1.06 Download   
      Windows XP AnalogX Scratch 1.05  Freeware    App Download AnalogX Scratch 1.05 Download   

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