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    monophonic voice synthesizer

    Xoxos synger

    A monophonic voice synthesizer comprising a basic 2 oscillator 'analog' model and three band filters. the lower keyboard controls pitch and the upper portion sets the phoneme. the right half of the gui lines up with logic's matrix editor for convenient selection of phoneme key. sounds like a 1980's home computer speech synthesizer thru a vocoder..

    has two performance mode; hold mode has a discrete midi key for note off so that pitch and phoneme can be modulated w/o interruptions due to the monophionic synthedit engine rigged for the key split.. a second 'live' mode releases the note on note offs (as does switching phonemes)

    intelligibility requires precise, time consuming sequencing. unless mirroring a familiar phrase, rate of speech should be slower than conversational speech to be understood; luckily many songs are sung at slower rates. i find it 'generally' works, ie. i'm not so happy with the long 'o' sound.. depending on input pitch, it can sound correct or very, very wrong. but when it's good, it's quite striking.


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