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    Midi message generator

    Nicolas Fournel MIDIplanes

    MIDIplanes offers six 2D-planes to easily send MIDI messages with the mouse. Each plane allows you to send two MIDI messages simultaneously, one for the X axis and one for the Y axis. The types of messages generated, as well as the MIDI out port and the MIDI out channel are entirely configurable.

    How does it work ?

    To generate MIDI messages, simply click on a plane and start moving your mouse. If you hold the Control key at the same time, the Y axis will be locked. In the same way, holding the Shift key will lock the X axis. MIDIplanes also offers a lot of keyboard shortcuts to set or to move the axes.

    You can open the settings window by clicking on a plane with the right mouse button. There, you will be able to define the appearance of the plane, as well as the MIDI messages that it will generate. Each plane, and even each axis, can send MIDI messages to its own MIDI port and its own MIDI channel. Four types of MIDI messages can be sent: aftertouch, polyphonic aftertouch, control change and pitch bend.
    MIDIplanes also offers 8 slots for snapshots. A snapshot memorizes the position of the axes in the 6 planes.


      Windows XP MIDIplanes 1.1  Freeware    App Download MIDIplanes 1.1 Download    (20 Ko)

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