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    special delay

    Mutagene 2WarpDelay

    2WarpDelay has many of the features that you can find in most other delays: independent delay lines for right and left stereo channels, cross-feedback for control of the delay's stereo image, saturation, compressors in the feedback path to prevent harsh clipping with extreme settings and filtering of the feedback paths. Unlike any other existing delay effect, however, 2WarpDelay uses frequency-warped lattice filters (a rather esoteric type of digital filter) in the feedback path with frequency responses that are determined per-channel by bitmaps.
    For experienced and dedicated users, the novel use of warped filters offers near-total control over the timbre of the delay. To inexperienced and experienced users alike, 2WarpDelay offers a new and unique sound for their collection and the possibility for anything from subtly unusual delay effects to wildly unpredictable yet surprisingly aesthetic feedback drones and atmospheres.


      Mac Intel 2WarpDelay 1.5d  Freeware    AU Download 2WarpDelay 1.5d Download   
      Mac Intel 2WarpDelay 1.5c  Freeware    AU Download 2WarpDelay 1.5c Download   
      Mac Intel 2WarpDelay 1.5b  Freeware    AU Download 2WarpDelay 1.5b Download   
      Windows XP 2WarpDelay 1.2  Freeware    VST Download 2WarpDelay 1.2 Download   

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