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    digital distortion

    Meatscience Bitsmacker

    The Bitsmacker is digital distortion swiss army knife for adding that certain digital crustiness to your pristine audio signal. Can simulate vintage samplers, classic video game systems, and other lo-fi paraphenalia. At extreme settings, it warps your audio with power you can't get from a stomp box or full stack.

    - Sample rate reduction
    Probably the most recognisable effect, sample rate reduction is the signature sound of vintage digital audio. High quality audio (such as a modern cd) is possible through a high sampling rate, which basically takes a snapshot of an audio signal thousands of times per second. By reducing the sampling rate, you get a muddier version of the audio.

    - Bit reduction
    The other piece of the puzzle is the volume of any given sample. By reducing the bit depth, you limit how accurately the volume is reproduced, resulting in a crunchy, noisier signal. Set at just one bit, all audio data must be either full blast or completely silent. An analogy would be like painting a picture, color can give you more detail but flat black and white can also be used to great effect.

    - Dual Parametric EQ
    Two totally independent, one band, parametric EQs allow you to flavor your input and output frequencies to taste. Boost or kill any frequency before and after applying distortion. Higher gain settings can give you even more distortion.

    * Zero-latency
    * Sample rate reduction from 50 to 44100 hz
    * Bit depth range from 0.01 to 32 bit
    * Parametric EQ on Input
    * Parametric EQ on Output
    * Drive adjustment for boost
    * All values continuously variable, no large steps between values
    * Works in any Audio Unit host (Garage Band, Logic, Ableton, etc etc)
    * A swift kick in the trousers


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