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    Stealth MIDI Serial Driver

    Use Serial MIDI Devices Under Mac OS X

    GeeThree Stealth MIDI Serial Driver

    Stealth MIDI Serial Driver enables most serial MIDI devices to operate with Apple's Core MIDI software and the Stealth Serial Port under OS X 10.2.3 or later.

    • Quit all MIDI and audio-related applications.
    • Install StealthMIDIDriver.plugin into /Library/Audio/MIDI Drivers. You may need administrator privileges to do this.
    • Copy the Stealth MIDI Setup application to a convenient location.

    You must use the Stealth MIDI Setup application to give the driver permission to use the serial port for MIDI.
    Find your serial port in the Serial Port column. In the MIDI Driver column, choose "StealthMIDIDriver" from the pop-up menu. (If you later wish to disable MIDI on this serial port, choose "(none)" from the menu).
    Make sure the serial port is highlighted (click on its name if necessary).
    Click the Configure... button.
    Choose the communication speed your interface is set to use.
    Most MIDI interfaces support 1 MHz; use this if you don't know. Some interfaces support "Fast" mode. If your interface has multiple individually addressable output ports (such as a Mark of the Unicorn MIDI Time Piece, Emagic Unitor8, or Opcode Studio 4), enter the number of ports the device has. The driver will then attempt to use the MIDI Time Piece multi-cable protocol to address messages to the individual output ports. Enter just 1 port if your device only has one port or does not support the MIDI Time Piece protocol.
    Open Audio MIDI Setup (found in the Utilities sub-folder of Applications) so you can see the results of your work. You should see a "Standard Interface" with as many ports as you entered in the configuration dialog.


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