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    Plate reverb

    Togu Audio Line TAL-Reverb-III

    TAL-Reverb-III is an easy to use stereo plate plugin. Its the replacement for TAL-Reverb-II and has several improvements as an optimized GUI and some changes in the algorithm. It has a simpified EQ section, a meter display and shows actual slider values. The reverb has its own character and produces a very diffuse plate. I tried to create a colorless and maximal diffuse plate reverb without grains and digital artefacts.

    - Plate reverb sound.
    - One simple room size control.
    - Predelay up to one second.
    - EQ section (12dB cut, low shelf filter at 1000Hz, high shelf filter at 200Hz)
    - Stereo width control (from full stereo to mono).
    - Stereo input mode (mono or stereo intput).
    - Displays the slider value of the active fader.
    - A meter shows the output volume.
    - 10 factory presets.
    - Made with the juce framework and open source.


      Windows XP TAL-Reverb-III 0.9.6  Freeware    VST Download TAL-Reverb-III 0.9.6 Download   
      Mac Universal Binary TAL-Reverb-III 0.9.6  Freeware    AU, VST Download TAL-Reverb-III 0.9.6 Download   

    Freeware by Togu Audio Line

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