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    Chord learning

    Mucoder Tonespace

    Tonespace is an intuitive music keyboard, combined with a chorder. It supports over 50 different grids, 14 scales, 18 keys, 30+ chord types and 10 chord voicings. It can function as a VST or Audio Unit plugin, processing incoming MIDI events and/or generating outgoing MIDI. You don't need to use MIDI though: there is also a standalone executable which contains its own little synth for a fast start.

    With Tonespace you can play and visualize chords while you move the mouse around in a grid-like space, learn how musical scales and keys work, and how chords relate to these, using the simple octave-based spaces. You can visually discover how chords map onto surprisingly simple geometric shapes in the more advanced spaces and use the chord-generation algorithm to generate chords from these simple shapes in the advanced spaces.


      Windows XP Tonespace 2.5.554  Freeware    AU, VST Download Tonespace 2.5.554 Download   
      Mac Intel Tonespace 2.5.554  Freeware    App, AU, VST Download Tonespace 2.5.554 Download   
      Mac Universal Binary Tonespace 2.0.361  Freeware    App, AU, VST Download Tonespace 2.0.361 Download   
      Windows XP Tonespace 2.0.361  Freeware    AU, VST Download Tonespace 2.0.361 Download   

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