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    Small Speaker Bass Enhancer

    Bass Enhancer

    Hotto Engineering Small Speaker Bass Enhancer

    The plug-in uses a technology called phantom fundamental which was already known to pipe organ builder hundreds of years ago.
    Psychoacoustics shows, that a fundamental component can be heard even if it is just represented by its harmonics. An example would be two organ pipes playing at 100Hz and 150Hz where our brain creates a fundamental at 50Hz.
    By using that technology small speaker with a cut-off frequency of 100Hz could be used to create a 50Hz phantom component which is just there because the psychoacoustic part of our brain extrapolates it.

    - Cut-Off-Frequenzy [Hz]:
    The frequency range gets split up at the cut-off frequency to create harmonics for all tones below of that frequency.

    - Original Bass [Hz]:
    Adds the original bass below of the cut-off frequency to the output. That is merely useful if your speaker can make use of that low frequencies.

    - Extended Bass [Hz]:
    Adds the harmonics of the original bass fundamental to the output signal without the fundamental itself.

    - Gain [dB]:
    There is a need to attenuate the signal because the method increases the output amplitude. Furthermore, it makes sense to place a Compressor and Limiter behind the Small Speaker Bass Enhancer.


      Windows XP Small Speaker Bass Enhancer 0.6  Freeware    VST Download Small Speaker Bass Enhancer 0.6 Download   
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