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    subtractive synthesizer

    HyperSynth HyperSID

    HyperSID is a subtractive synthesizer with all the C64 SID chip hardware capabilities besides many new software based features So you can take advantage of various Controlling features of a VSTi and also real analog sound with SID character. Real time integration between software and hardware makes HyperSID act like the other VST instruments in your host application.

    Note : HyperSID VSTi does not generate any sound itself without the HW Unit.

    Software plugin main features:
    - Advanced LFO (freq=0.01-30.00Hz with 0.01Hz resolution per step)
    - Filter envelope (range=0.001-4s with 0.001ms resolution per step)
    - Envelope2 (range=0.001-4s with 0.001ms resolution per step) which can modulate Pulse Width, Pitch and LFO rate.
    - Ultra fast arpeggiator which is capable to produce classic and SIDish arp up to 4000bpm tempo.
    - Key and velocity tracking for Cut off
    - OSC transpose range +36 to -36 Semitone
    - OSC cent range -50 to +50 Cent
    - Oscillator Phase Sync
    - Pitch-bend wheel with adjustable range
    - Clean sound without any Self oscillating in most of the Presets
    - Flexible preset manager with save and load function
    - Independent MIDI out path from host
    - Automatic real time synchronization between software and hardware
    - logarithmic and linear curve mode for filter Cut off
    - FPB control module

    SID based features:
    - 3 OSC per key (Monophonic)
    - 1 OSC per key (3 Voice polyphonic)
    - 4 Waveforms per OSC Tri , Saw ,Noise, Pulse (combinatorial)
    - OSC ring modulation
    - OSC synchronization
    - 3 Amp Envelope ADSR
    - Multimode analog filter 12dB/Octave HP , LP , BP and (combinatorial)


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