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    Stochastic Sound Synthesis application

    SonicLAB Cosmos

    The Cosmos model is a real-time dynamic event distribution system operating on multiple time scales. The discrete events of certain density are distributed in a hierarchical organization with their onset time and duration parameter calculated with stochastic/deterministic functions as follows;

    Each macro event defines the duration of a meso space, and the sub events are distributed inside this time space. Each meso event defines a micro space and the micro events are distributed in them. New events and therefore new sub spaces are distributed in a self similar structure while constructing the interdependency between multiple layers.

    The system variables in the Cosmos model are the onset and duration distribution functions (a range from deterministic to various stochastic functions), density distribution functions, and stochastic modulation generators which do affect pitch, intensity, filter parameters etc. on macro, meso and micro levels independently. The overall goal of these functions is to achieve control on each event space and perform the process of change on the appropriate operation level. The user intervenes with the system in real-time by assigning a sample sound source to the micro events and interacting by controlling the parameters for the time scales macro, meso and micro.

    The Cosmos model augments the level of complexity of the composition systems proposed by Xenakis (his Achorripsis and ST series works) and also Stochos, again by using stochastic distribution mechanisms but on multiple time scales. This augments the perceived organizational complexity such as for local/global density, process of change on sonic attributes and form characteristics (interdependency between cells; Stochos has no interdependency between consequent cells)

    Cosmos is based on the idea of assigning a waveform, sonic grain, to the micro events, where the meso and macro level distribution forms the sonic texture on multiple layers with various modulation schemes.

    The modulation generators in Cosmos are the stochastic modulation sources found also in Stochos addressing the synthesis parameters. There are four different curve generators for each of the macro, meso and micro space events. This means for a single macro event 64 independent curve generators are running at the same time on different time scales. Finally, we can combine together different modulation sources belonging to three different time scales, from macroscopic to microscopic, to obtain intriguing results.


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