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    Ifoundasound free

    Sound cataloger

    Ifoundasound is a tool for working with digital sound archives.
    Search through your archive, listen to the sounds and drag them in to your favourite audio application.

    Having your sound archive on hundreds of CDs is unpractical, a much better solution is having the sounds on a hard drive, as audio files.

    ifoundasound builds an index of your audio files and can search through them at high speed.
    You can listen to each sound, and copy the ones you like to your work folder or simply drag them in to your editing software.
    ifoundasound comes in two versions, the free Standard version, and the comercial Professional version.

    - Fast, powerfull search engine returns results in less then a second
    - Supports WAV, AIFF, bWAV, MP3, FLAC and WavPack
    - Reads ID3 and Broadcast tags and iXML tags
    - Integrates with your editing software and links to your projects.
    - Built in editor to extract parts of larger files
    - Create custom tags and comments
    - Built in file browser to easily copy sounds to your working folder
    - Works in network configurations
    - Small portable program that can be run from a USB stick or a network drive.


      Windows XP Ifoundasound free 2.2.0  Freeware    App Download Ifoundasound free 2.2.0 Download   
      Windows XP Ifoundasound free 2.14  Freeware    App Download Ifoundasound free 2.14 Download   

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