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    Multitimbral Control

    Midi channel control

    Homegrown Sounds Multitimbral Control

    Multitimbral Control is a simple plugin which allows controlling up to 16 midi channels and so is ideal for a hardware multitimbral sound module. It allows you to take control over Volume, Pan, Program Change (MSB, LSB and Program Number), plus 2 assignable midi Control Changes which are mapped to knobs for overriding a preset.

    Itís useful in hosts which donít have easy control over external devices and particularly when they donít have MSB and LSB options. Many hosts simply have bank/program number which is not enough for some hardware which need MSB and LSB to select banks, such as Emu Proteus synths. The other benefit is that you can control the entire sound module from one place rather than on the midi channel which makes mixing and tweaking much more intuitive.

    If you understand mixing desks the plug-in should be intuitive enough, the main problem will be getting it to talk to your hardware if you are not familiar with how to set this up in your host. All hosts behave differently, but most will add the midi outputs of MC to the midi inputs list, and so you can then send the midi input to the correct midi port where your target hardware is attached. Generally this is the same as setting up a midi track to play the hardware, except instead of choosing your keyboard/controller as the input you would select the MC output instead.

    There are a series of tutorials on how to set up in various hosts at the back of the manual although they are for other HGS plugins they should get you going.


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