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    Black Magic Lite

    Loop Generator

    Homegrown Sounds Black Magic Lite

    Black Magic Lite is the free little sister of Black Magic, a loop generating VSTi plugin for windows. With the ability to quickly randomize and save out looped WAVs, the Black Magic machines make building a unique sample collection easy and quick. Even though Lite has fewer features than the big version, all of the important ones have been retained, so it is a fully functional synth in itís own right. Upgrading to the big version will get a large collection of included samples, the ability to use your own and a hard compressor amongst other things.

    Product Features
    - 10 Samplers - each with many parameters and modulation options
    - 128 Preselected Samples
    - FX Section with SoundScaper, Delay, Flanger/Filter
    - 10 Part 32 step sequencer
    - Overview Mixer
    - Master Section
    - 1 Bar Recorder
    - Much More!


      Windows XP Black Magic Lite 1.04  Freeware    VST Download Black Magic Lite 1.04 Download   

    Freeware by Homegrown Sounds

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    Homegrown SoundsHomegrown Sounds
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