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    HGS WAV Recorder

    VST recorder

    Homegrown Sounds HGS WAV Recorder

    HGS WAV Recorder is a simple plugin that performs a single role, recording the incoming signal directly to a WAV. It can be used either in an Insert or as a Send Effect. The Sound output can either be direct through, Muted or the Recorded Signal to ensure maximum flexibility. It is a useful plugin for recording spontaneous improvisations, or providing real time record functionality in Hosts which do not support this directly.

    Each WAV is named by the date/time the recording was started so there is no danger of recording over any existing wavs and all are sorted by date. The Recording Folder is configurable via a text file which can be directly opened via the plugin at any time in notepad. After changing the path, clicking on update will create the new directory (if needed) and the next wav will be recorded in that location.

    WAV Recorder is free, but donations are always appreciated if you find the plugin useful.


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