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    Multichannel looper

    Repetito Repetito

    Repetito is a multichannel looper software for Mac and PC originally developed French band Nosfell.

    Repetito features:
    - Multichannel inputs (ie you are able to loop together a guitar, vocals, and drums using different microphones/preamps);
    Multichannel internally: the loops are recorded on internal channels which you can later mix separately, either internally or externally;
    - Two configurations Multichannel Outputs to mix the loop channels externally, and Internal Mix to mix them internally;
    - Saving and reloading of the loop sessions;
    - AU and VST plugin effects (when using the Internal Mix configuration settings) ;
    - MIDI Out Synchronization to synchronize a sequencer or a drum box to the loops being played;
    - Simplified "MIDI Learn" to easily configurate a MIDI pedalboard or any MIDI controller;
    - Mono or stereo loops, and many configuration options to customize how you play with Repetito;
    - 32 bit internal calculations to preserve all the dynamics and precision of your sound interface. Repetito doesn't modify the recorded audio (no time stretch, etc) and plays back exactly the sound recorded by the sound interface;

    Repetito Demo is a feature-limited freeware version of Repetito.

    This version features:
    - 2 monaural inputs (ex : voice + guitar).
    - 8 loop channels, you can record as many loops as you want on each loop channel (overdubbing).

    Each loop channel has a Mute button and a Solo button;
    - 1 monaural output (copied on both left and right channels of the stereo output of the sound card): the loop channels are mixed together on this output.

    The main looping features of Repetito (Multiply Duration, Add Duration, Change Playback Direction, Undo, Redo, Resync, Division, non-rhythmical loops) are available

    The advanced features of Repetito (saving/loading loop sessions, plugin effects, Tempo Interface, Internal Mix, Multichannel Outputs, etc...) are not available;


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