Makemusic Updates Finale 2010 To 2010b

MakeMusic has updated Finale 2010 to 2010b. It includes improvements in the copying of time signatures, percussion playback, linked parts, and more.

Fixes in Finale 2010b:

  • Chords: Deleting a measure stack no longer deletes chords in the subsequent measure.
  • Copy/Paste: Time Signature changes now copy correctly when notes are excluded in the Edit Filter dialog box.
  • Graphics: Exported EPS files without embedded fonts now properly refer to the system’s fonts upon viewing. (Mac Only)
  • Linked Parts: Expressions and chord symbols in the score no longer move when their corresponding items are moved across a barline in a linked part.
  • Percussion: All Row-Loff percussion sounds are now defined correctly for MIDI input.
  • Selection: Problems regarding non-contiguous measure selection have been resolved.
  • Staves: Special Part Extraction now works properly for staves requiring multi-measure rests.
  • Worksheets: Chord playback has been corrected in some ear training worksheets.

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