Algoriddim Updates Djay To V3.1

algoriddim has announced the release of version 3.1 of djay. This update offers a range of new features, enhancements to existing tools and plug-and-play support for some of the most popular DJ controllers on the market.

Users can apply a new set of features, including Auto-Saving cue points and automatically aligning cue points and precise beats with Quantized Cue Points. In addition, djay 3.1 includes keyboard shortcuts based on key position instead of letters, making djay’s powerful shortcuts more accessible to international users. djay 3.1 also has the ability to integrate with some of the most popular available MIDI controllers.

We’ve dramatically expanded djay’s capabilities by offering new features and integration with existing hardware,” said Karim Morsy, CEO of algoriddim. “djay is already known for its precision and ease of use, but with this update we wanted to bring the quality of the user’s musical experience to a new level. Fans that prefer a real hands-on approach now have an amazing array of choices when using the program: the new djay Keyboard Cover; djay’s dedicated controller, the Vestax Spin; and now some of the best controllers on the market. In addition, we’ve also boosted some of djay’s popular tools that make it easier than ever to create perfect mixes.

djay 3.1′s new and improved features include:

  • Significant Improvements to Automatic Beat & Tempo Detection: Now utilizes a more robust analysis of all genres of music, including hip hop, electronic, funk and jazz.
  • Improvements to Auto-Sync: More seamlessly aligns both the tempo and rhythmic pace between songs.
  • Quantized Cue Points: Automatically aligns cue points precisely to the beats and onsets in a running track.
  • Native Plug-and-Play Support for New MIDI Controllers: Includes the DJ Console Rmx, DJ Control Steel, DJ Console Mk2 and DJ Control MP3 e2 by Hercules, Discover DJ by Ion, and the VCI-300.
  • Extended Shortcuts & Unified Keyboard Shortcuts for International Keyboards: Shortcuts are now based on key position rather than their assigned value, keeping the mapping consistent across all international keyboard layouts.
  • Auto-Saving: Cue points are saved automatically, enabling the user to worry less about finer details while they mix.

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