Plogue Chipsounds V1.5 Released

Plogue has updated chipsounds to version 1.5. In addition to having a totally new Interface and improved sound authenticity, Plogue is saving 3 new sound chips from extinction and adds many additional features.

UI Changes :
• Totally different skin (fits on all monitors and ebooks).
• Current mixer strip is always available.
• You can now enter some values using keyboard.
• New Amplitude LFO added.
• Two assignable drawable user LFOS.

New rescued chips:
• uPD1771C (as used in the Super Cassette Vision).
• uPD65010G (as used in the PV-1000).
• M5232 (as used in the Poly-800).

Healed chip:
• DMG-01′s wave channel now has extra phase modulation (Pmode) and vertical offset (VPOS) settings.

Effect Changes:
• Added new MIDI Delay Module.
• Added Swing to Arpeggiator.

This update is free for registered users.

Product Page

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