Sounds To Sample Releases Cylinder Vocals

New to the sample scene, Crate Diggers has created the sample library Cylinder Vocals – the Spoken Word edition, released exclusively through Sounds to Sample.

Cylinder Vocals – the Spoken Word edition marks the debut of Crate Diggers, who has gathered more than 450 original, royalty-free spoken word clips for the library. Sourced from over 5,500 rare cylinder recordings from the early 1900s, the sample library is sure to add some unique vocal snippets to your tracks.

According to the maker, this collection features a selection of dialogues ideal for producers in need of authentic vinyl-inspired vocal samples, irrespective of genre. A total of 465 clips are offered, all of which are organized into folders such as City Life, Love and Women, Money, Movement, Music, Questions, Statements, Technology, and many more.

Cylinders were the original recording medium created by Thomas Edison. To make this library, the cylinders were transferred with a French-made Archeophone; the audio was captured into the digital domain using a Cedar A/D/A at 24-bit, 44.1 kHz in Steinberg Wavelab software. Files were then edited, normalized, and processed using Cedar’s Series X, Declicker, Decrackler, Dehisser, and Debuzzer units. Crate Diggers notes that the quality of the original cylinders varies widely and depends on the type, the condition, and even the quality of the original recording.

These samples are available copyright-free to the end user. Crate Diggers, in cooperation with the UC Santa Barbara Cylinder Preservation and Digitization Project, has licensed the use of their digitized collection of Edison cylinder recordings, in order to create this library for use by end users like you. Cylinder recordings made by the companies of Thomas A. Edison between 1890 and 1929, are assumed to be in the public domain. Edison recordings can be used in commercial and non commercial works without restriction.

Cylinder Vocals – the Spoken Word edition is now available as a downloadable collection for $23.95. A download includes 465 24-bit WAV one-shots and is about 249 MB (unzipped) or 123 MB (zipped). Also note that 25 percent of each purchase goes directly to the UC Santa Barbara Cylinder Preservation and Digitization Project for further acquisitions and preservation of cylinder recordings.

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