Tonehammer unveils Bowed Grand Piano

Bowed Grand Piano marks the third chapter in Tonehammer piano series, which also contains our hyper expressive: “Emotional Piano” and more experimental: “Plucked Grand Piano”

The bowing of a piano is a delicate effort, since the instrument is not designed to be bowed. Tonehammer developed a variety of new recording techniques that allowed us to get deep inside the piano and record a variety of bowings and FX that haven’t been covered in previous libraries. The library is more ambient then our Emotional Piano and Plucked Grand Piano, since the concept of bowed piano tends to go in the more ambient/drony direction. Tonehammer bowed every single string on a world class grand, including both sustains and staccato notes. They then did a variety of ambient recordings and started developing an entire drone section of the library, which is all based on source material from the piano. In addition Tonehammer added a massive FX section to the library, which contains tons of string glisses, scrapes, scary slams and percussive FX etc. Tonehammer also programmed specific artificial legato, so users can experiment by using legato on the instrument.

The fancy naming and branding of the piano is irrelevant to us. Tonehammer wants the samples and music to speak for itself and they hope it speaks to you too.

Bowed Grand Piano is expected to be available soon as a Kontakt instrument for $79.

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