Moog Music Filtatron – Moog Sound for the iPhone

Filtatron is a real-time audio effects engine and powerful studio tool coming soon for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The heart of the Filtatron is a finely-modeled Moog Ladder Filter, the same filter that gives Moog instruments their warm, thick character. It musically shapes the sounds supplied by the filtatron’s on-board oscillator, sampler and line/microphone input.

Features :

  • Moog Ladder Filter: 4 pole resonant Moog Ladder Filter with Lowpass and Highpass modes and adjustable cutoff and resonance parameters
  • Oscillator: a high-resolution, alias-free DSP oscillator with sawtooth and square waveforms and adjustable frequency from 0.3 Hz to 2 kHz
  • LFO: five waveforms: sine, ramp, sawtooth, square, sample, and hold with crossfade and morph between adjacent LFO shapes
  • Envelope Follower uses the volume envelope of sound inputs to sweep the filter, with controls for amount and speed
  • Amp and Delay FX modules: Amp provides warm, smooth overdrive with feedback control, while Delay can be modulated by its own LFO (with rate and depth controls); delay time is interpolated smoothly for analog-style delay time tweaks
  • File sharing: move audio files back and forth between the Filtatron and your computer
  • Audio Copy and Audio Paste enables sharing audio between the Filtatron and other compatible apps
  • Built-in email function allows you to share presets with other Filtatron users
  • Record and playback: all audio processed in stereo, 16-bit, 44.1 kHz resolution
  • Record samples up to 10 MB
  • Playback control can be adjusted from double-speed playback all the way down through zero to double-speed reverse

Available October 18, 2010 for the iPhone and iPod Touch for $4.99.

Product Page

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