Tunecore and Soundcloud Team Up To Enable Seamless Music Distribution

TuneCore, the world’s largest music distributor, and SoundCloud, the online platform that lets artists, bands and content creators share their audio, have teamed up on a feature that allows any SoundCloud user to import his or her music seamlessly from SoundCloud to TuneCore for distribution.

A SoundCloud user can simply log in to TuneCore, connect their account and choose which tracks they’d like to distribute to iTunes, Amazon MP3, Spotify and many others, for a flat fee. See how it works:http://www.tunecore.com/soundcloud?ref=soundcloudpr

Says Jeff Price, president of TuneCore, ” SoundCloud is an extremely elegant and cool service. Like TuneCore, it provides complete control to musicians allowing them to distribute their music out to where they want it to go. By working together an artist can extend that distribution channel to digital stores like iTunes.”

Alexander Ljung, co-founder of SoundCloud, adds: “SoundCloud prides itself on allowing its users to share their creations across the web with no hassle. This integration allows users to get their music into the best digital music retailers with the same ease and simplicity. It’s an exciting proposition.”

Visit http://tunecore.com, and http://www.soundcloud.com

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