xoxos releases xoxos Phaser and xoxos Modulation Delay

xoxos has announced the release of xoxos Phaser and xoxos Modulation Delay, which are part of the new xoxos Effects Suite 2010 bundle.

Perhaps apart from its wide parameter set including low and highpass filtering, xoxos Phaser is similar to many other phaser VST available today. The user may select which computational optimisations to perform.

xoxos Modulation Delay applies hermite interpolation and oversampling appropriate to a modulated delay line suitable for flanging and chorus effects. The feature-set is then expanded with a second LFO modulator, inline high-, low- and all-pass filtering, and extended gain features like cross-channel feedback, which produces unique harmonics unlike conventional flangers.

Features include two selectable delay ranges (0-10ms or 0-500ms), triangle or sinusoid modulation, and phase offset between channels to specify the width of the effect. Feedback may also be boosted to twice the range so that the effect can be used as a FSU tone generator or quickly overdrive the signal.

Demo versions have some parameters locked to preset values.

The bundle is $10 for a suite of common effects processes designed to xoxos’s specification, and includes a modulated filter, modulated and static delays, reverb, multiband equaliser, and a bonus VST effect.

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