Bobby Jarzombek Metal MIDI Groove Library

Platinum Samples releases Bobby Jarzombek Metal MIDI Groove Library.

Some features:

- Played by Bobby Jarzombek (Halford, Fates Warning, Riot)
- Over 1,670 MIDI files (over 3,430 bars of unquantized grooves)
- Formatted for BFD2®, EZdrummer®, Superior Drummer®, Addictive Drums®, Cakewalk® Session Drummer & General MIDI Standard MIDI Files (all included)
- Includes 24 complete Metal & Rock performances performed by Bobby Jarzombek
- Includes stadium endings
- Played in 4/4 with straight, triplet & swing feels in tempos ranging from 92 to 198 BPM

Product Page

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