Audiofile Engineering releases Spectre 1.5

Latest Version of Realtime Multi-Analyzer for Mac OS X Includes New Meters, Inspector Window and Specially Priced Starter License.

New Features in Spectre 1.5 :

- Design Improvements

Spectre 1.5 features beautifully redesigned meter windows, facilitating a quick and powerful workflow.

- Performance Improvements

Numerous improvements to the meters, performance and stability upgrades, a greatly improved manual activation process for computers that aren’t online, updated Support window and many more.

- Inspector

Designed to streamline your workflow, the new Inspector window allows you to manage the Trace and Settings properties of all your meters in one window.

- Redesigned Player

Not only did we give the Player a fresh new look, it now natively supports FLAC and Ogg Vorbis files!

- Leq Meter

Requested, and here at last! The Leq meter measures the energy of a section of audio, often referred to as the “loudness.” It’s unlike the level meters that show you the volume of your audio at that very moment. Instead, it takes an average over time so you can get an idea of how much “energy” is implied during a range of time.

- And That’s Not All…

New features in Spectre 1.5 also include A/B/C-weighted filters, Leq filters, calibration for VU and BBC Meters, Form Factor and Crest Factor measurements in the Numerical Meter, gain control for individual traces, the ability to activate/deactivate individual traces, autozoom in the Lissajous Meter and more.

Spectre 1.5 is available for purchase via Audiofile Engineering’s online store at a current price of US$99.

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