Introducing Distortion Free, Pitch and Tempo Change Audio Software to the Broad Based Consumer Market

Todd, Michael & James, Inc (TMJ) released today, Song Surgeon Version 3, its “best in class” audio software for pitch (key) and tempo change.

Song Surgeon yields high fidelity, distortion free audio for use by musicians, transcribers, translators, dance studios, DJ’s, and churches (for music worship). Song Surgeon Version 3 features not one, but two separate algorithms for pitch and tempo change. It yields unparalleled quality, until today available only in higher end recording and audio editing software costing hundreds of dollars.

With the release of Version 3, Song Surgeon is available in both Standard and PRO versions. The Standard version basic audio slow down and change pitch with distortion free quality. The PRO model is jam-packed with a host of other new and unique functions not found in other similar products. Such features include A/V downloading, wave file editing, song loop creation, file conversion, and the saving of customized files for future use, either within Song Surgeon or exported with changes made permanent and portable.

Although often used as a slow down tool to help musicians, dancers, transcribers and other more easily hear and discern what is being played or said, Song Surgeon’s new distortion free sound engine will significantly enhance its usage in performance settings where pitch and/or tempo are changed slightly and then the changes saved and used for a performance, such as music for Church worship, karaoke singers, professional vocalists, and sound and recording engineers.

A free, fully functional, 4-hour working DEMO of the PRO model is available from our website at

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