Planet Waves Slashes iPhone App Prices

Planet Waves is dramatically cutting prices for its iPhone applications in 2011.

Originally priced at $8.99, Guitar Tools will be reduced to $1.99. Newly updated to support the vibrant, richly detailed graphics of the Retina display, Guitar Tools is the ultimate hand-held utility kit for guitar players of any style or skill level. Enjoy the full functionality of the Chordmaster and Scale Wizard apps, the core features of ProTune and ProTempo, plus reference tools that make it easy to find the nearest music store or instructor wherever you may roam.

Originally priced at $1.99, Chordmaster will be reduced to $0.99. Planet Waves’ Chordmaster puts a comprehensive library of more than 7,800 guitar chords in the palm of your hand. Featuring a unique virtual fretboard that accurately displays notes and fingerings, Chordmaster allows users to view chords in multiple neck positions and strum virtual strings to hear each chord in pristine digital audio. Chords are organized by Root, Chord Type and Chord Variants to allow fast, easy navigation. Chordmaster even offers a “lefty” mode for the oft-ignored left-handed guitarist.

Originally priced at $1.99, Scale Wizard will be reduced to $0.99. Scale Wizard is a complete guitar scale, mode, and arpeggio library in the palm of your hand. Offering over 10,000 patterns, left-handed view and alternate tunings, Scale Wizard is the most complete scale application on any platform. With an interface truly optimized for iPhone and iPod touch, the swipe of a finger up and down the fretboard allows one the user to hear ascending and descending scales or individual notes by tapping the screen.

Originally priced at $3.99, ProTempo will be reduced to $0.99. ProTempo is the quintessential digital metronome for the musician’s iPhone or iPod Touch. It features a touch-screen Tap feature to dial up a basic click-based tempo instantly, and a create and save customized rhythm patterns feature using ProTempo’s richly detailed controls. Choose from a set of high-quality sound samples that can be assigned and balanced within a single pattern. Adjust parameters including meter, accents, subdivisions and more. With adjustable settings for difficulty and sensitivity, the Tempo Coach feature can listen to the user and indicate how accurately each beat is hit.

Originally priced at $3.99, ProTune will be reduced to $0.99. ProTune turns iPhone or iPod touch into the ultimate portable instrument tuner. Dedicated modes for guitar, bass, violin, banjo and other stringed instruments offer the most reliable pitch measurement on any handheld platform. Whether using the iPhone’s built-in microphone, an external mic, or connecting your instrument directly to the iPhone, there are three beautifully designed interfaces — Strobe, Needle or Digital — and ProTune precisely captures the pitch of each string in real time.

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