Sonokinetic Arpeggio – Concert Harp for Kontakt

Sonokinetic has released Arpeggio, a new Concert Harp sample library for Kontakt.


Base samples: 1 instrument patch containing the following playing styles:

  1. Short (one-hit)
  2. Long (sustain)
  3. Flageolet
  4. Picked
  5. Bisbigliando
  6. Press de Table
  7. FX Free Improv
  8. FX Chord Improv
  9. Glissandi in multiple styles, scales and keys
  • Single instrument for Kontakt 4.1 and higher with 4 panels – Main, IR, EQ & Credits
  • 3 velocity layers; shorts, longs, Bisbigliando. including all it’s release samples
  • FX, Press de table and Glissandi dedicated velocity control script
  • Tempo-synced runs (Up, Down and Up-Down)
  • Convolution reverb applied to the multi instrument to represent the original acoustic space.
  • Sonokinetic draggable IR space design knob to allow dynamic assignment and configuration of the convolution effects.
  • Dynamic sample loading & purging for efficient memory usage.
  • Customisable keyswitching system to allow command of articulations in your compositions.
  • Visual representation of current scale and key when playing glissandi
  • 1500+ samples. (3,97 GB sample content)

Techinical details

Articulation Selector

For your convenience, Arpeggio contains all the articulations you could ever need in a single NKI instrument. You can switch between the different playing styles either by clicking its name from the MAIN panel, or by pressing its respective keyswitch on your MIDI controller.

The large concert harp has an extensive playing range. As a trade-off, to preserve this range, the keyswitches default to keys outside the range of the average 88 key keyboard. However, the instrument can be completely customised to suit your needs and keyswitches can be reassigned. Simply click the respective articulation’s key in the column and it will change to a ‘!’ symbol and flash. You can now play a key on your keyboard and the keyswitch will assign to it. You can use this configuration method to suit the instrument to your needs.

Glissandi and Tempo syncing

Arpeggio was sampled to take advantage of Kontakt’s ability to synchronize samples to your sequencer’s tempo. When you select Glissandi as your current instrument, new options will appear to the right. You can click these options to change them.

  • TEMPO SYNC RUNS toggles the tempo sync functionality on and off. When you enable this option, all runs match your sequencers BPM to be 1 bar in length.
  • 1 x HOST BPM allows you to configure how the tempo syncing scales to your sequencer’s BPM. For example, 1/2 HOST BPM will result in a run being 2 bars in length. 2 x HOST BPM results in a bar being 1/2 bar in length.
  • SMART RELEASE is an option that simulates the damping of strings mid-run. When this is turned off, Arpeggio will play a prerecorded release sample. When it is turned on, Arpeggio will simulate the effect of the harp player damping the strings at that point in the run.

Arpeggio ships with built in Sonokinetic Soundstage convolution. This can be configured on the IR panel of the instrument. A visual representation of the sound stage appears on the left. You can change the position of the microphones by dragging then left and right with the mouse. Arpeggio will intelligently blend between convolutions, allowing you to configure the ambience and distance easily. You can also configure whether to use mono or stereo microphones on the right, configure the wetness and room size of the convolution and finally toggle whether it is bypassed.

The EQ panel allows you to shape the instrument. You are able to easily configure the frequencies, bandwidths and gains as required. Values will appear as you drag sliders.You can also completely bypass EQ

All files in 96kHz , 24 Bit wave format.


  • 2 impulse responses with configurable distance: 24 bit wave format. Interface installers for Mac, PC and manual instructions.
  • Royalty and copyright free content license.
  • Arpeggio Reference manual (pdf).
  • Artwork : “Arpeggio” dvd cover. Designed by Pavel Fuksa
  • Programming : “Arpeggio” Kontakt script by Blake Robinson
  • Performed by Simonetta Ginelli

Programmed for Kontakt 4.1. >

Product Page

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