mimiCopy, A “Copy-By-Ear” App For Musicians, Available Immediately On The iTunes App Store

ART Teknika Inc., a software and contents provider based in Tokyo, Japan, today announced immediate availability on iTunes App Store of “mimiCopy,” its “copy-by-ear” assisting iOS app designed especially for guitarists and other musicians.

Having marked over 10,000 downloads in Japan, mimiCopy has been ranked No.1 in the “Music” category, and continues to frequent the Top 10 list as a standard tool for musicians. Its high functionality and ease of use has been highly rated, as can be seen from the remarkable user rating.


mimiCopy has been designed for musical instrument performers, with particular attention to its ease-of-use in “copying-by-ear.”

- Waveform view that allows the user to quickly skip to the desired position of a track.

- Simple loop setup.

- High-quality “time stretch” function for playback speed modulation without change in pitch.

The high-quality time stretch engine (*) used for the time stretch function allows the pitch to be maintained while changing the playback speed, making it easier for the user to learn fast phrases. This capability is useful, not only for copying-by-ear, but also for practicing fast phrases at a slower tempo.

Music files can be transferred from the user’s iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, or from the user’s iTunes library via USB transfer.

mimiCopy is a universal app, and can be used with any of the supported iPhone/iPad/iPod models.

mimiCopy is a useful tool, not only for musicians, but also language students and transcribers alike.

In celebration of 10,000 downloads, we are currently offering a time-limited offer on mimiCopy (offer ends February 14, 2011).

[mimiCopy support site]
[iTunes App Store download page]

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