IRCAM TOOLS – Another Hot Deal from DontCrac[k]

Dear friends

Today we are particularly proud to announce that we have partnered with our friends from the famous IRCAM institute and the folks at FLUX to bring you a once in a lifetime exclusive offer on all IRCAM TOOLS products.

The IRCAM TOOLS technology (powered by FLUX) is the result of over 20 years of high-end audio research. It is a POWERHOUSE toolset, full of creativity that has only been used by few artists around the world that have had the privilege to work with the IRCAM research center based in Paris, France.

IRCAM TOOLS technology has been developed (under license) in tandem with the well known FLUX team for two years now. This great partnership has finally made some of the IRCAM technology available to hi-end users but only if they can afford the price for such amazing tools. Believe us, these plug-ins are something else and are definitely worth demoing.

Now today, we at DontCrack are making these incredible tools available to all via a time limited promotion that we are sure, will be of the greatest interest to many producers, musicians and artists alike.

ONLY at DontCrack From Today until Sunday, June 17, 2012 :

IRCAM TOOLS Bundle (including SPAT) : MSRP $1599 sold ONLY $699
Simply the complete IRCAM TOOLS Powerhouse Toolset !

IRCAM SPATMSRP $1379 sold ONLY $599 (check out the complete bundle above)
IRCAM SPAT is a unbelievable Room Acoustics Simulation and Localisation plug-in. SPAT also contains IRCAM VERB. Please look at the full IRCAM Tools above which is in our opinion a much better deal !

IRCAM VERB : MSRP $779 sold ONLY $349
Certainly the most impressive Room Acoustics and Reverberation plug-in we’ve ever used…

IRCAM TRAX : MSRP $419 sold ONLY $199
Truly innovative signal transformation algorithms allowing the user to alter sound characteristics such as pitch, timbre and duration.

VERB Session uses the same fine algorithmic technology as IRCAM Verb with simply less control.   A MUST HAVE (especially at this price !)

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