MixVibes announces CrossDJ 2.1

MixVibes is happy to announce the arrival of Version 2.1 of its flagship DJ software Cross DJ with some big changes such as a totally redesigned user interface, two 8 pad sampler , a 4 channel mixer, 2 new effects units, as well as new fixs and new features.

  • - Improved general GUI and player Title-header layout for clearer track info display
  • - Handling of the new full screen mode for OSX 10.7 (LION), along with an updated layout and behaviour of the menu bar
  • - “Hot Slicing Banks” and “Hot Chromatic banks” for more creativity using the integrated samplers
  • - Added the 32 beats smart-seek value
  • - New ‘Software Take-over’ option on any slider/knob
  • - New Auxiliary stereo input for external recording
  • - It’s now possible to record sampler C and sampler D
  • - New assignation of the keyboard’s Spacebar : from now on, it switches between the normal view and the “Collection view expansion” state in default keyboard’s mapping
  • - The ‘iTunes’ pane now comes with a dark background for a better user experience
  • - New “Sample” track property (“Set as Sample”) to identify a track as a sample and easily filter samples from music, along with new “All Samples” and “All Tracks” filter nodes
  • - Saving of the Playback mode and Roll Frequency in sample’s properties
  • - Samples reordering and renaming directly in the pads
  • - Built-in MIDI mappings for Novation Twitch controller and Vestax VCI-380 controllers

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