Plugivery : a New Audio Software Distribution Service for Dealers.

Today we are proud to announce the launch of our new audio software distribution website called Plugivery (plug-in delivery). While Plugivery is a B to B (business to business) website, end-users will also find useful information about the products they want to use in their daily tasks. Plugivery provides clear product descriptions, OS compatibility and requirements, the latest updates and their download links, Manufacturer’s videos, tweets and much more content that will help you purchase only the best audio software & plug-ins available from your preferred music store. Plugivery lists hundreds of music stores around the world and makes it easy for them to propose the finest audio software to their customers.

Plugivery aims at being a useful bridge between audio manufacturers and audio dealers. Many great plug-in developers are not represented in music stores simply due to a lack of distribution, that is due in part to the “virtual” nature of the products they build. Plugivery is the first website totally designed and dedicated to distributing audio software to dealers. We have designed the website to make it clear, fast and easy for dealers to promote and sell the best software available on the market.

Plugivery will certainly help many audio software manufacturers by introducing their products into hundreds of cool music stores around the world and therefore offering them great new opportunities to market and sell their products.

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