Audified MixChecker is released!

You spent days on your latest mix, it sounds great on your monitors, but you check it on an tablet and it sounds awful! MixChecker is a fantastic tool that will save your mixes from sounding horrible on any of the multitude of different playback devices!

Now it will be a thing of the past, having to export your mixes and listen in different conditions. Finished the struggle of having to export your mix to your smartphone, burn them on a CD or sit and listen in your car, then go back to your studio, do little tweaks and export again (and again, and again, till it is right).

Audified measured the frequency responses and behaviour of all the devices listed in MixChecker in laboratory conditions to create their true and faithful models that you can rely on.

Now you can use the MixChecker to perform quick round test that will only take a few seconds. And get back to mixing and corrections while you still know what the problem in your mix was.

MixChecker is available for $149 at The DontCrack Store.



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