MasterCheck and ISLst Combo 30% Off!

Nugen Audio announce they are putting some of their leading products, MasterCheck, ISLst, ISL, and the MasterCheck and ISLst Combo on promo at 30% off.

So you want your mixes to sound better everywhere, especially on the latest formats? Mix and Master for the listener directly to Apple, Spotify, DAB Radio and TV specifications. Immediately reveal how your audio is going to sound to the listener and produce with confidence and certainty.

Are you ready for this seismic shift in how your content gets heard? Loudness Normalization truly is the new normal. Find out how ready your content is for these platforms with MasterCheck, and then finish it with ISL 2st True Peak Limiter to ensure it reaches the listener as you intend it!

Here is the software that will give you this very important advantage of hearing and mastering your content for these formats.

MasterCheck immediately reveals how the consumer will hear your productions on todays music platforms. Mix and Master to target and the quality of your audio will be assured all the way to the consumer with no nasty surprises after release.

World class limiting is an essential requirement for any audio production, and the latest standards also demand true-peak compliance. ISL 2st delivers both, giving you superb sound with complete confidence about meeting new standards for online delivery.

The MasterCheck, ISLst, ISL, and the MasterCheck and ISLst Combo products are available on promo now at The DontCrack Store.

MasterCheck and ISLst Combo

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