BeatSkillz Slam Dawg Price Drop!

Our good friends, BeatSkillz, have lowered the price on their Slam Dawg product (MSRP $99). And, through Sunday September 11th, 2016, you can get it on promo at ONLY $49!!!

SLAM DAWG was designed to take your mixes to the next level from just one plug-in.

Beatskillz have carefully designed this plug-in to be extremely intuitive, and easy to get “PHAT” results within minutes.

Easily “HEAT” up your beats , busses, tracks or entire mixes by easily dialing in Tube Harmonics, making your sounds “FULL” & “RICH”, widen your tracks with full mono compatibility with just one dial, or dial in some “AIR” (High Frequency Clarity).

Your tracks today need great Low End Management, and BeatSkillz have designed the perfect controls for that, just use the “BOOM” “THUMP!” & “MUD OUT” controls for just HUGE Low end without the problems.

The “POP” & “CRUSH” Controls are perfect for increasing the loudness of a stem or mix and also retain the “POP” of the transients keeping the mix punchy via “thrusty” compression!

This Plug-in is created by modeling the desirable cool settings of popular American and British, compressors, eq’s and Tube Distortion Units.


  • Easy to use
  • Great on Tracks, Busses and Mixes
  • Punchy, Clear and Wide Sound
  • SLAM your Drums, Bass, Vocals, Synths and other sounds
  • Dry and Wet controls built in
  • Pro Results without chains of plug-ins or confusing parameters

Slam Dawg

Slam Dawg is available for ONLY $49, through Sunday 11th September, 2016 at
The DontCrack Store

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