Nomad Factory “Blue Tubes” Promotions

Why are Nomad Factory’s tubes BLUE? Well simply to indicate they have a different concept about how to make audio plug-in effects.

Many software companies try to emulate the behaviour of classic analog gear, but does it really work? Can any plug-in truly “emulate” the complex behavior of famous analog hardware? Do they authentically reproduce their amazingly intricate sound characteristics?

Instead of trying to copy or emulate any audio hardware, the developers at Nomad Factory have concentrated on understanding how a tube based analog audio circuit can deliver warmth and colour to everything that passes through it.

Blue Tubes Plug-ins actually emulate how a “TUBE” or an Analog board works! Blue Tubes plug-ins are unique in the way that they don’t “emulate” specific third party hardware but HOW the electronics inside them behaves to provide that magic sound transformation that we all love.

They therefore have a “vintage” sound of their own that complements the classic hardware products. They are not a series of Snapshots of old friends, but living breathing relatives, on the way to making a name for themselves…

Here’s a great opportunity to try them and get them at a verrrrrrry low price!

From today until the end of the month, PAY ONLY $29 for any Blue Tubes individual Plug-in(s) or ONLY $99 for the full V3 Bundle? View all other Blue Tubes bundle prices from the DontCrack Store.

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